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In the tight-knit community of Lorain, Ohio, a whirlwind of horror swept through as unsettling allegations surfaced – a trusted bus driver and her alleged companion accused of shattering the innocence of preschoolers in the respected Head Start program. The verdict? Life-long prison sentences that would cast a shadow over a community, and initiate an untiring quest for truth. 

‘The Edge of Doubt’ is a meticulously researched true crime narrative that delves into the reverberations of a sensational trial. This gripping tale is anchored in three decades of unwavering claims of innocence. As the pages turn, you’ll find yourself torn between the scales of justice and the resilience of the human spirit.

In a world that is quick to judge, ‘The Edge of Doubt’ compels you to lend an ear to the whispers of truth. This is your invitation to dive into a powerful account that will challenge your assumptions and unveil the complexities of human nature.   Read it, and prepare to see the world with new eyes.



Marie seems to have it all: a devoted husband, two wonderful children, and a professional career.

But all of that changes when she drives her car into the darkened parking lot of a fast food restaurant.

After she lowers her car window to place an order at the drive-thru, a man suddenly appears and places a gun at her temple.

What follows is every woman’s worst nightmare.

The Edge of Malice is a true story about struggle, determination, and a quest for justice.

This gripping narrative takes the reader first to the scene of the crime and later into the swirling currents of the courtroom where no outcome is ever certain.

But the story does not conclude when the legal battle is over.

The reader follows Marie as she struggles to resolve the unrelenting anger that the legal system has been unable to extinguish.

In the end, Marie’s journey to find inner peace is as improbable as it is transformative.


Lorain, Ohio December 20, 1963

Florence Bennet is found dead in a bathtub of scalding water. Her husband, Casper, claims that he found her like that, but his burned hands tell a different story.

Or so the police and almost the entire population of Lorain believe.

And as the Bennetts’ marriage with its secrets of alcohol, affairs and abuse is laid bare in the courtroom, it looks like the only possible verdict is murder.

Bennett’s sensational trial more than fifty years ago pitted an aggressive, mercurial county prosecutor against a defense team that included the author’s father. In the tradition of John Grisham and Scott Turow, The Edge of Innocence recreates the tension and excitement of this true courtroom battle, and also reveals the uncertain edge that often divides guilt from innocence.

he Edge of Innocence was the first book by David Miraldi, a civil trial attorney who practiced in northeastern Ohio for over forty years. Miraldi was eleven years old when this case dominated local headlines. Long after his father’s death, the author found the Bennett file buried in the bottom of his mother’s closet. From the moment that he began reading those papers, the long-forgotten drama seemed to cast a spell on him. As he uncovered more and more of the facts, he realized that the story he had known as a child was much different from the one that unfolded before him.

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